First Time Cain Cheated With An Escort And Loved It

Cain and his wife Miriam were the perfect couple. They fell in love in their first year of college and married right after graduation. Their sex life since they first started dating was explosive, as they could not seem to get enough of each other. The couple always looked forward to their love making sessions, because they would experiment with anything humanly possible to quench their sexual desires.

However, as they got older, their sex life began to diminish. Miriam turned 55, and their marriage started suffering sexually. She was less enthusiastic about getting intimate and always had excuses for not wanting to have sex. Even the few times Miriam would reluctantly agree to it Cain would just end up frustrated and unable to finish. Before too long she practically shut off sex altogether. Cain was so angry. Though he was in his 50’s Cain still had strong sexual urges that he needed to have fulfilled.

He decided to browse through some sites that had a variety of London escorts available for hire. Going through these sexy women’s profiles was making him even hornier than he already was. As Cain imagined all the dirty things that he would do with these amazing ladies, he decided to go ahead and hire one of them. He made arrangements to have a steamy session that night at a local hotel near his home. As he prepared to leave to meet the escort, Cain lied to Miriam and told her that he was going to a business dinner and would be home late.

On arrival at the hotel, Cain was filled with guilt and wanted to turn back because he felt guilty for lying to his wife. But his sexual desires took over and he headed to the room anyway. When the escort finally arrived, he could not believe what was in front of him. She was probably among the most beautiful and sexiest ladies he had ever seen. He immediately got a hard on. The door did not even close as he pounced on her and began removing her clothes. Because he had not done it in a while, he climaxed even before penetration.

This seemed to excite the young girl and she got on her knees to give him the blow job of his life to get his meat hard again. It did not take long, and they were soon having sex like wild animals, both of them cumming multiple times. They fucked many times in all possible positions until Cain felt like he could not take it anymore. Cain was enjoying himself to the fullest and wishing that the session would never end. He went home a happy and satisfied man with completely drained balls. All he could think about was planning future sexual adventures with many different London escorts so he would never be sexually starve again.

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