my love story

My Name is Maris, and I worked as a Website Developer Consultant for a London Escort agency at Charlotte Ilford Escorts. Before joining London Escorts Agency, I also have my own Love Story. Working and knowing these escort girls with their life and love stories, I am encouraged to write my own love story.

Everyone remembers about their first touch, first kiss, that first of everything in a relationship that is the most meaningful memories you can have. My story began when I was in college; our group of friends was called man-haters, maybe because we are too focused on our studies, we didn’t date that much during those years. Then a few years after graduation, four of us meet for the first time since graduation. This is our first reunion ever since we planned to go mountain hiking, then go to a mountain resort. Like all female discussions with friends, it started as who we were dating now, are we married or in a relationship or career first. For a girl like me who focused more on career than love life, I have little to share, one of my friends from college has her own family now, and one of them is engaged, and one of them is in a long-term relationship. I am the only one who didn’t have a serious relationship. I do date from time to time. What would you expect? I work for an escort dating agency, of course, I date and a lot. My only problem is that I don’t have a serious relationship.

My London escorts friends told me that maybe its because of my line of work, and that I am embedded in the adult industry. Yeah, I think part of it affects my love life, but hello? We are in the 21st century. I believe that is not just the case, maybe of my priorities. Anyway, the story continued forward when my friend and I went to a local grocery shop to buy something before venturing off to the mountain for a hike. While entering the store, a man exits, and it is like a scene from the movie where everything slows down. I was too focused on that man, gosh if you could only see him that first time I saw him that jaw-dropping effect you see in movies it feels like that. Fast forward, we went to the store, bought the things we need and went on the trip.

Few months after that incident, all returned to normal. I’m back at my job at the London escorts agency when suddenly a man enters the agency’s door said at the front desk looking for a date! And it was weird because the front desk points him to me. So I was baffled because I am not an escort girl. When he came close and took his cap and sunglass, I was stunned, it was the man I saw a few months back. Little did I knew that he saw me too, and the same happened, so she tracked me down. And luckily, he had a friend who knew where I worked. Small world, isn’t it?

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