the most popular sex toys used amongst couple

Looking for Ideas to spice things up, Bed is the most common topic for Couples, especially couples in Long Term relationships. Here at the agency, we’ve encountered many gentlemen who are divorced or just got out of a long-term relationship. And they have one thing in common. Their sex lives became boring after years of being together.

London Escort Girls at Ace Sexy Escorts suggested that the best thing to spice things up in Bed aside from porn is to introduce sex toys in the relationship. Yes, most of you believed that sex toys are for singles. But you’re mistaken. These magic toys have so many purposes. Using and exploring things that make you feel good makes it easier for you to relay this to your partner.

The most common reason for sex toys to be a tremendous additional thing in the bedroom is an orgasm is more easily achieved. Those powerful orgasms you’ve experienced during the start of your relationship can be easily achieved.

London Escorts survey who booked Escorts for couples for their favorite Sex toys in Bed, and here is the list of these magical toys:


  1. Basic Vibrators – these are the most common ones and very basic. Most men think that vibrators are used by ladies when their man isn’t around only. But according to the survey, this piece of the magical toy is an excellent addition to couples in Bed, yes both for men and women. This is very handy during foreplay and intercourse; it can stimulate the woman’s clitoris while the man will feel the vibration in each thrust, which will guarantee maximum pleasure for both men and women.
  2. Vibrator U Shaped – this is like the basic vibrator except for its U-shaped. This one has inserted the other end to the vagina and stimulates the g-spot while the other end is to stimulates the clitoris. And since this design is very sleek, it can be worn while the man is penetrating you. It means that both of you will feel each vibration in every thrust, and you will feel a higher level of ecstasy.
  3. Penis Ring – this one comes in handy for men that suffer from premature ejaculation. This will trap the blood in the penis and have more erection time. Some of this ring has a rabbit vibrator attached to them, simultaneously stimulating the woman’s clitoris during penetration.
  4. BDSM Kit if the couple is into bondage or domination – submission roleplay during their intimate moments, a Kinky kit would be a great help for them. This kit includes ropes, handcuffs, blindfold masks, paddles, ball gag, nipple clamps, collar with leash, and whip. You get the gist, and this kit is for couples that want to add kinkiness to the bedroom.

These are the top toys the London Escorts only list during their survey, but according to them, there are a lot more. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, we suggest you talk to your partner and tell this thing to her and ask what is more comfortable for her

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